Managing Stress

To help manage stress, follow these remedies to help you with your study:

Managing Stress

Develop new ways of thinking about yourself:

Examine any negative self-conceptions and create positive ones. Develop a positive self-image. Negative images are not facts.

Design clear goals:

Map out what needs to be done and set realistic and achievable targets.


Identify the urgent tasks and do those first. Then turn your attention to the important tasks (that were not among the urgent ones). Lastly, if there is still time, tackle any remaining tasks.

Divide tasks into manageable parts:

For instance, tackle a part of an assignment rather than all of it at once.

Organise yourself:

Make a schedule before you start and check-off the tasks as you complete them.

Commit yourself:

Tell other people about your study plans. Write prompts and reminders for yourself and display them prominently.

Reward Yourself:

When you have achieved an objective, reward yourself. Do something that you enjoy.

Sometimes the problems seem intractable. If they do, then seek professional advice. In the first instance, talk to your Instructor. Or talk to someone in the college about your difficulties.

Here are some useful websites: