Mental Health Support

Mental Health Support

Mental health difficulties can present challenges but we’ll support you to make your study worthwhile and enjoyable. We encourage you to disclose your mental health difficulties needs regardless of the severity of them, so we can work with you to achieve the success you want.

Deciding to disclose mental health difficulties can be a positive and empowering experience which may lead you to developing a wealth of coping strategies. After disclosure you may feel less pressure and potential issues can be headed off before they occur.

PROCAT is committed to the fair and equitable treatment of all its students, and to the promotion of their mental and emotional wellbeing. This includes eliminating unlawful discrimination, providing an accessible environment, promoting a supportive culture and positive attitudes towards students experiencing mental health difficulties. We will treat with dignity and respect and will have a discussion with you about how your difficulties could affect your studies. A mental health disclosure is sensitive personal information under the Data Protection Act (DPA 1998) and will be treated accordingly. The information you provide will only be shared with people who need to be aware of it to provide you with appropriate support.

Some tips to help you study at PROCAT:

Read actively – try highlighting or underlining, compile a glossary of key concepts, try not to worry about needing to re-read sections

  • Remind yourself why you are taking notes and tailor them accordingly – use abbreviations, annotate your course book, use index cards or mind maps
  • When your motivation is at a low ebb set yourself short-term goals – commit to a certain amount of reading then have a break for relaxation, listening to music or getting fresh air
  • Develop a positive attitude – you’ve chosen to study to open up new opportunities for yourself
  • Enlist the help of friends and family to give you support

Have a look at study skills for more ideas to help you.

Sometimes the problems seem intractable. If they do, then seek professional advice. In the first instance, talk to your Instructor. Or talk to someone in the college about your difficulties.

Here are some useful websites.